Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beach Trip part 2

These pictures were taken shortly after we arrived at the beach house. After we unloaded the car, and said hello to Poppa Keith and Grandma, Ben and I headed for the beach. It had been three years since we had last been at the beach, so we were very anxious to get out there. Poppa Keith and Grandma rented the same house that we stayed in three years ago, so that was nice. We were one lot back from the beach, so we could see the ocean from the top deck. In the morning you could see the fishermen as they headed out for the day.

This is the house we stayed's called The Patterson.

This the view we had from our top deck!

Poppa Keith

This was the path that we took to get to the beach.

I loved this sand sculpture, whoever did it is very talented!

This is the only picture that Ben would let me take of him.

Stay tuned...more pictures to come.

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