Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remembering a Friend

This has been a very hard week. Last Friday, I received word that a friend, Michael , had been taken home to be with the Lord. I met Michael in Sunday school, towards the end of November. I was impressed with his easy-going nature, and genuine interest in what people had to say. His smile would light up the room, and even if you were having a bad day, you would soon be smiling as well. I soon found out that Michael had a strong faith in God, and lived his faith. He was a shining light to all who came in contact with him.

I didn't know Michael as well as I would have liked to, but it wasn't in the Lord's plan for me to get to know him better on this side of eternity. But one day, I shall! What a glorious day that shall be! It didn't take long to realize that Michael LOVED being outdoors, and any activity that involved risk. All one had to do was look at his pictures on Facebook to tell that he had a grand time on all of his adventures.

Wednesday would have been his 22nd birthday, and although many feel that he was taken so early in his life, God has a plan in all of this. The Lord knew when he created Michael, exactly how long he would walk on this earth, and everyone who would be impacted by his life. Although we may never know why God chose to take him home, we have a hope and a peace that Michael is worshiping at the feet of Jesus! It is such a comforting thought to know that he is with his Creator, and that one day we will join him there.

I would ask all of you to remember his family in prayer.

The following poem was written by my friend, Charissa.

'Tis a blessing in disguise
this robbery of life from the young

We see it and cry
yet, it is the essence of longing

The fountain of youth,
it has been truly discovered in this

How many grew old searching?
their life disproving their search

There are those who will be forever young
those who never grew old on this earth

The fountain of youth
it is the cup of death

Do not shudder
it is nothing you can seek and find

It lies only in Divine will
And he appoints to whom He desires

Those around us who have this mandate
to be in our minds forever young

They seem to live more than others
their flame never dims

The flickering of a weak flame
it is never their fate

It is bright! Shining for a time
and then snuffed in an instant

But while it burns
There is a brighter light among us

These lives are truly lived
truly given as a gift

Let us treasure and remember
the forever young

They stay, unchanging in time
like a song repeating but never growing dull

A brighter light! A richer life!
A sweeter tune that never grows old

Time cannot change their face
death has conquered age

Live on, oh young!
Forever in our hearts as so.