Monday, October 5, 2009


On my way to the post office this morning, I happened to look in my rear view mirror, and what did I see? A Sheriff's car right behind me! My heart did a little flip flop, and I slowed my speed, cause I really had not been paying attention, and all of a sudden I became the world's best, and most responsible driver! I came to a stop at the intersection, put on my turn signal, and looked both ways before proceeding with caution. I let out a little sigh of relief when I saw that he went the other direction. Why is it that we only take caution in our driving when there is a police officer right behind us? Even when the officer is not there, God is, and we should strive to do our best not only in driving, but in everything that we do in this life, to please Him. This reminds me of a story from the Children's Book of Virtues, called, Someone Sees You. It is about a man who decided to steal from his neighbors fields, and takes his daughter along to stand watch, and to call out if anyone is watching. All of a sudden she calls out to her father, "someone sees you." The father looks around, when he sees noone, he continues what he was doing. After his daughter calls several time that "someone sees you" and he obviously does not see what she does, he asks, "Why in the world do you keep saying that someone sees me? I've looked everywhere, and I don't see anyone." when the child replies "Father, someone sees you from above." God is watching our every move, waiting to see what we will do, and how we will respond to things. So remember "someone sees you", and that someone is our Heavenly Father.

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