Monday, October 5, 2009


Happy Monday, everyone! I always have a difficult time motivating myself to get up and go on Monday mornings, probably because of the relaxing weekend! I certainly have a lot to do today. Mom and Dad are coming home today, and before they arrive, I have to clean the kitchen & bathroom, wash Pepper & Sweety, mop the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen, go to the post office, do laundry, do my work out...maybe I'll nix the work out!!!
Did y'all have a good day at church, yesterday? Pastor Ferrell preached two very good messages. The morning text was out of James 1:13-18. He has been preaching about Trials and Temptations. Yesterday's sermon was about temptation, and he gave 3 points on how to overcome temptations: 1. Take care not to blame God. Vs. 13 2. Take note of the real source. Vs. 14 3. Take hope in the saving God. Vs.17 Three things that he pointed out was that God sends trial, but NEVER leads anyone to temptation, It is impossible for God to lead someone to evil and being tempted is not a sin, succumbing to the temptation is. The evening message was out of Acts 3:1-21. He has been preaching on Sunday nights about how to reach others outside of our church, and encouraging us to go witnessing. Last night he gave a few examples on some outreach opportunities.
Well I hope that everyone has a blessed day, and safe travels to work. God Bless!

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